Who uses Site Sentinel?
Site Sentinel features over ten years of use by a number of organizations in various industries. Selected examples include:
  • Fortune 50: Retailer
  • Fortune 50: Telecommunications company
  • Fortune 100: IT consultant
  • Fortune 500: Financial services company
  • Europe Super 50: Pharmaceuticals company
  • several US federal government agencies and contractors

Want to find out more?
For a demo or additional information, please contact us by phone at:
1 (412) 661-1002 ext. 2
or by e-mail at:

About Ehrlich Wesen & Dauer
Ehrlich Wesen & Dauer LLC (EWD) is a private, Pittsburgh-based research & development company with core competencies in Internet data security and software engineering. EWD owns, maintains, and deploys a suite of information security products, including Site Sentinel, Network Sentinel, Personal Sentinel, and Message Sentinel.
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