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Philosophy and Values
Philosophy and Values

Ehrlich Wesen and Dauer, our mission is to function as trusted advisors for companies in need of technology, business process and custom enterprise solutions.

The fundamental values upon which the firm is founded are:
  • Conducting our business with integrity, honesty, and openness.
  • Taking a pragmatic approach to problem solving.
  • Excellence in our work.
  • Treating our employees and customers with dignity and respect.
In fact our name (although it sounds like partners in a law firm) is actually meant to communicate our core values using three words from the German language:
  • Ehrlich honest, open, and above board
  • Wesen character
  • Dauer endurance
Based on high ethical and professional standards, EWD is supported by strong investor commitment and by a dedicated, resourceful, respected, respectful, and innovative professional staff members. Our senior professionals have over 40 years combined project management experience.

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