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Business and IT Strategy
Requirement Definition and Analysis
Business Process Reengineering
Business and IT Strategy

Strategic Planning enables an organization to efficiently utilize existing resources and apply information technology to achieve the organizationís goals and objectives. Because each organization has unique needs, EWD utilizes a variety of methods to provide assistance and guidance to organizations undertaking the strategic planning process.
  • Information Gathering
    The first step the first step in any strategic planning process is to gather information about the company and its related entities. This can range from helping to clarify exactly what the specific goals of the company are, to gathering and organizing existing information from within the company, and presenting it in a form that is most relevant and usable for the firmís key decision makers.
  • Business Area Analysis
    The Business Area Analysis (BAA) process integrates information about the company with data on current and prospective customers, and existing and potential competitors to get a complete picture of the competitive landscape in which the company is operating. This process identifies existing and emerging market opportunities and results in specific recommendations and actions plans for the client company to pursue.
  • Technical Analysis
    EWD can supply additional analysis to assist decision makers in choosing a specific plan of action from various alternatives. Additionally, once an alternative is chosen, information is needed to translate the strategic to the operational. These analyses may include but are not limited to:
    • Technical requirements definition for the execution of a specific action plan.
    • Gap Analysis to identify the shortfalls between the existing information technology infrastructure and the stated requirements.
    • Cost Analysis of chosen action plan recommendations.
    • Workflow Diagrams corresponding to specific product or service offerings that flow from action plan recommendations.

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