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Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering

Increasing labor costs, delays in service or product delivery, and degrading quality of services are all clear indications that an organization could benefit from a business process reengineering initiative. EWD will work with your company to identify areas of opportunity for positive change to your business operations. This process will include:
  • Documentation of current processes.
  • Establishment of baseline measures of productivity and quality.
  • Benchmarking to comparable organizations.
  • Process change recommendations and documentation.
  • Development of ongoing measurement and reporting infrastructures.
Also, as part of the change management process, we will identify areas for rapid change or “low hanging fruit” that can be implemented quickly to give your project momentum through positive visibility. The change management process will also include a specific communication and training plan to ease transition and maximize organizational acceptance of the reengineering plan.

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