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Business and Requirement Analysis

A sound Business and Requirements Analysis is the key to the creation of a successful application. Ehrlich Wesen & Dauer takes a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing business problems and solutions, thus allowing the envisioned, appropriate and tested business solution to dictate the technology required for success.

The set of objectives and expectations defined by upper level management is distilled into a very specific set of requirements. Working with the stakeholders in the organization, we are able to identify key issues, business processes and people that will be most affected by the desired application. By understanding and documenting these relationships early on, we are able to minimize unexpected changes later. The results of this analysis easily flows into the requirements documents and can be the starting point to the next phase of the development process.

We find that documenting these processes and issues, helps prioritize objectives and helps define the requirements in a very clear manner. A solid analysis process greatly increases the success rates of any manual or automated solution.

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